Salmon House on the Hill

2229 Folkestone Way
West Vancouver, British Columbia Canada

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All perspectives 4.2 Mobility perspective 4.2
Better than average access

4.2 (out of 5)
Better than average access
Reviewed by: Jim Richards
Date: Nov 17, 2011
3 (out of 5) Accessible with no assistance
At least one door is accessible; No steps, or has a ramp or elevator to enter; Easy open doors; Clear signage.
Venue Pathway
4 (out of 5) Better than average access
Clear aisles which accommodate the width of a wheelchair; Able to move and turn around in halls and/or between tables; No protruding objects; Low counter at cashier.
Main Function
4 (out of 5) Better than average access
Multiple types of options are available for the venue’s main purpose. For example: for a restaurant, there are multiple types of accessible tables available; for a hotel, there are multiple types of accessible rooms available; Loaner walking aids and/or other assistive devices for use on-site.
5 (out of 5) Excellent access
Separate unisex (family) washroom; Screen walls instead of doors or power operated doors; No barriers or obstacles to sinks or toilets; three grab bars at each toilet; Easy open or power operated door(s); Accessible sink and accessories; No stored items inside washroom (e.g.: janitor supplies); Emergency call button in case of fall or help needed.
Customer Service
5 (out of 5) Excellent
Demonstrates knowledge, understanding and sensitivity towards the needs of people with disabilities in their venues; Staff appears to have received disability awareness training.
Final score: 4.2 (out of 5) - Better than average access

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Additional Access Information Provided by planat Affiliates

Tourism Vancouver

Tourism Vancouver is committed to ensuring our 1000+ members have access to the Planat rating system to enable them to provide accurate and consistent accessibility information to visitors that may be visiting their place of business. Members of Tourism Vancouver are encouraged to utilize Planat’s Business Profile to showcase their accessibility features, demonstrate commitment to accessibility awareness and empower consumers to make informed decisions on the accessibility of their business.

With an estimated one in eight people worldwide living with a disability, disabled travellers now make up one of the fastest growing tourism markets. In North America alone, people with disabilities spend more than $13 billion each year on travel. Their biggest challenge - finding accessible travel destinations that will meet their special needs and heighten their travel experience.

About Our Venues

Tourism Vancouver has approximately 1,000 member businesses that range from retail locations, hotels, restaurants, visitor activities and attractions. These businesses are committed to ensuring that accessibility is a priority for individuals with mobility challenges, including seniors and those with disabilities.

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Accessible Tourism Program - Legacy of 2010 Legacies Now

The 2010 Legacies Now Accessible Tourism Program (2007-2010) was transferred to the Rick Hansen Foundation in 2011 to continue efforts to promote accessibility and inclusion. Through 2010 Legacies Now and its partners a number of tourism-related BC businesses were accessibility rated from a mobility, hearing and sight perspective. To learn more about 2010 Legacies Now, visit The Rick Hansen Foundation through its programs including planat™, continues to raise awareness of and promote accessibility and inclusion.

About Salmon House on the Hill, Canada, British Columbia, West Vancouver, 2229 Folkestone Way

Parking & Entrance ( 1 of 6 )

Accessible Parking Spaces

  • Is parking provided for customers? yes
  • Is there 1:100 designated spots 3.9 m wide on a level hard surface? no

Path To Main Entrance

  • Is the path to main entrance 920 mm wide (1.5 m x 1.5 m turns), hard, and barrier free? yes
  • Are all hazards protected, or are there no hazards on the path to the main entrance? yes
  • Is the entrance easy to find or are there clear signs to direct customers? yes

Main Entrance

  • Does the main entrance have 1.5 m 1.5 m landings at the top and bottom of any slope? yes
  • What is the nature of the accessible entrance? Entrance For All


  • Is the door easy to open? yes
  • Is the door at least 810 mm wide? yes

Pathway To Services & Amenities

  • Are paths to services and ammenities 920 mm wide (1.5 m x 1.5 m turns) hard, and barrier free? yes
  • Are all hazards protected, or are there no hazards on the path to the amenities? yes
  • Are the amenities easy to find or are there clear signs to direct customers? yes

Elevators & Washrooms ( 2 of 6 )


  • Are elevators required to get to amenities? no


  • Are washrooms available for the public? yes
  • Is the main door 810 mm wide, easy to open and lock handles? yes
  • Is the sink 680 mm high, 750 mm wide and 1200 mm deep with easily operated faucets? no
  • Are there clear signs, that are also tactile, outside the washroom? no
  • Is there a stall? no
  • Is there a 1.5 m x 1.5 m maneuver space in front of stall? yes
  • Is the toilet height between 430-485 mm? no
  • Is there at least 1 grab bar on the side wall? yes

Business Practices ( 3 of 6 )

Business Practices

  • Are there alternate hearing communication formats available? no
  • Are there alternate visual communication formats available? yes
  • Do you have inclusive hiring practices? *info only no
  • Do you provide disability awareness training for staff? *info only no
  • Do you have a website? *info only yes
  • Is the staff aware of it? *info only no
  • Is staff given emergency training that adheres to BC fire codes? yes
  • Do you have flashing alarms? no

Transportation ( 4 of 6 )

Taxi, Limousine, Shuttle, Bus

  • Applicable? no
  • How many accessible vehicles do you have? 0
  • How many total vehicles are in your fleet? 0

Rental Vehicles

  • Applicable? no

Other Transportation (Rail, Marine, Air)

  • Applicable? no

Attractions & Activities ( 5 of 6 )

Attractions & Activities

  • Applicable? no
  • Does activity require equipment? no

General Amenities ( 6 of 6 )


  • Is there a dining room? yes
  • Are tables available and are they 730 mm high, 680 mm knee clearance and 480 mm deep? yes
  • Are there alternate formats for your menus? no


  • Retail businesses available? no

Fitting Rooms

  • Is the fitting room door 760 mm wide with a 1.5m x 1.5m space inside and grab bars? no
  • Follow-up required? no

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